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  • Can I order with my credit card points?
    Credit card points cannot be used for your purchases on our GrMoonde website.
  • My order was incomplete
    Don't worry, you can reach us via chat, contact us, or by email We will assist your need
  • Payment Transaction Failed Error
    If such an error is encountered during the payment process; Here are the possible situations that cause the error: 1- Check the 3-digit CVV security code on the back of your card. 2- Make sure your card is open for online shopping. 3-Confirm that your bank allows international shopping. 4- Check your limit.😊
  • When will the products be shipped?
    Products are shipped within 2 days at the latest.
  • Is the product compatible with my country?
    1. Hipped with compatible socket for USA, UK and EU. 2. We plug in according to your country of residence
  • Can I have my order gift-wrapped? / Can I add a gift note?
    Yes you can add. You can add your note by clicking the "Add A Note" button before proceeding to the payment step.
  • My Order Arrived Damaged
    If your cargo arrives damaged, if the item in the package arrives broken, send the photo or video to us, I will send the damaged parts to you. Don't worry, you can reach us via chat, contact us or email We will assist your need
  • Will I pay customs tax?
    1. Customers ordering from the USA do not pay 99% customs duty under American customs law. 2.If you order from a country other than the United States, for example (Europe, UK, South America), you may incur a small amount of tax. 3.Buyers are responsible for all taxes. 4.You can review the order page as it varies according to the size of the cargo and the country it will reach
  • Can I customize the product?
    Yes, if you want, we can design a custom product for you. Note that custom product designs will be charged extra.
  • Can I make changes to the content before placing my order?
    Before completing your order, you can make changes such as the products in your cart or the payment method. To change the product in your cart, you can remove the product by saying 'Delete' when you click on the cross on the right side of the product, or you can add the product to your favorites by clicking the heart icon. Thus, when you want to buy the product later, you can easily access the product from the 'My Favorites' area. If you want to buy more than one product, you can choose the quantity you want from the quantity field. If you want to change your payment information, you can use the payment option you wish by entering the card information you will pay with.
  • How can I order?
    To order, simply follow these steps: You can add the products you want to buy from the product pages to your cart by clicking the 'Add to Cart' button. You can choose one of your registered addresses from the payment screen, or add a new address information. You can enter your card information on the same screen or complete it with your previously saved card.
  • When will my order arrive?
    The products you purchase are delivered within the delivery date range specified on the product detail page. You can also find the delivery date of the products you purchased on the 'My Orders' page in the 'My Account' section. After it is shipped, you can track your cargo with the cargo tracking number given to you.
  • How do I become a member?
    You can complete your membership with the password you will create by entering an active e-mail address that you use in the Login>Member area at the top right of the page.
  • Can I order without being a member?
    You can order without being a member. To do this, simply add the products you want to buy from the product pages to the basket and say 'Continue Without Being a Member' on the screen that appears at the 'Confirm cart' step. You can follow the information about the order you placed without being a member, from the e-mail address you shared during the order. We recommend that you place an order as a member in order to access information about your orders.
  • How do I make my payment?
    You can make the payment by credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Paypal payment. There are no options to pay at the door or by wire transfer.
  • What should I pay attention to when becoming a member?
    You should make sure that the e-mail you will use while becoming a member is correct, and you should complete your membership with an address you use actively. We will share all information specific to you and your order via this address. Your password; You should make sure that it is between 8-15 characters and contains at least 1 letter and 1 number.
  • How do I register my delivery address?
    You can define a delivery address by clicking the 'Add New Address' button on the My Account > My Address Information page

Frequently Asked Questions

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